Accessibility and transport network

The county of Neustadt a. d. Aisch - Bad Windsheim has an excellent transport network and is located centrally at the intersection of international transport connections.
  • Important roads
    Autobahn A 3/A 9 Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nuremberg - Munich or Berlin
    Autobahn A 6 Heilbronn - Nuremberg
    Autobahn A 7 Hamburg - Würzburg - Ulm – Kempten

    Federal road 8 Würzburg - Neustadt a. d. Aisch - Nuremberg
    Federal road 13 Würzburg - Ochsenfurt - Uffenheim – Ansbach - Munich
    Federal road 25 Uffenheim - Rothenburg o. d. T.
    Federal road 286 Schweinfurt - Gerolzhofen - Enzlar (B 8)
    Federal road 470 Rothenburg o. d. T. - Bad Windsheim - Neustadt a. d. Aisch – Forchheim

  • Main rail lines
    Nuremberg - (Neustadt a. d. Aisch) - Würzburg - Frankfurt
    Munich - Ansbach - (Steinach) - Würzburg - Hannover

  • Branch lines
    Neustadt a. d. Aisch - Bad Windsheim - Steinach
    Steinach - Rothenburg o. d. T.
    Markt Erlbach - Siegelsdorf - Fürth (Bayern)

      The district is connected with the public transport system of greater Nuremberg (VGN). This includes the main line Nuremberg–Würzburg as far as Kitzingen, the branch lines from Neustadt to Steinach, from Siegelsdorf to Markt Erlbach and from Steinach to Rothenburg as well as the main line Treuchtlingen–Würzburg as far as Uffenheim. In addition, many VGN bus lines provide service in the district.

  • Airport
    The nearest airport is Albrecht Dürer in Nuremberg; it was awarded the Business Traveller Award in 2014 as the best German airport and handled 103,000 tons of freight in the same year. At the moment, it is ranked 10th on the list of international airports in Germany. But the large airports in Frankfurt am Main and Munich are also quickly and easily accessible from the district.

    Nuremberg Airport (about 45 min.)
    Frankfurt am Main Airport (about 115 min.)
    Munich Airport (about 110 min.)

  • Waterways
    The Main-Donau-Kanal (Main-Danube-Canal) provides an international shipping route through the region; the Nuremberg harbor has the largest cargo transport center (GVZ) in southern Germany.
    Distance: about 30 min.

  • Distance to urban areas
    Distance from the city of Neustadt a. d. Aisch to
    • Erlangen: 30 km
    • Fürth: 35 km
    • Nuremberg: 45 km
      Distance from the city of Bad Windsheim to
    • Erlangen: 50 km
    • Fürth: 45 km
    • Nuremberg: 55 km

Geographic location

The county of Neustadt a. d. Aisch - Bad Windsheim has an area of 1267 km², is located in the northwestern part of the administrative region of Middle Franconia and is part of planning region 8, western Middle Franconia.
Geographically, the area is part of the Middle Franconian basin in the east, of the Steiger Forest in the northwest, and of the Windsheim Lowlands and the Uffenheim region in the west.
The geographic location of the county - between the urban areas of Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen und Würzburg - Schweinfurt, the large cities in the vicinity, and between the greater Munich, Stuttgart und Frankfurt areas - and the far-reaching road and rail connections have proved beneficial for economic development in our region. These connections and the transport network are especially interesting for small and medium-sized companies and businesses.