Bad Windsheim

Spa and industry in Bad Windsheim ... not at all contradictory

You work on your economic future every day?
... then Bad Windsheim is the right place for you:
In Gewerbepark Ost ca. 10,000 square meters of building area are still available. The industrial park is completely developed and belongs to the city.

The city of Bad Windsheim works for a better environment, higher standards and better prospects for your investments.

At your request, we will calculate cost overviews for you according to your company’s specific information.

Bad Windsheim is a likeable and liveable city.
The historical ambience invites the viewer to linger; the up-and-coming spa offers rest and relaxation in its facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and with attractive opportunities for development. Openness to new ideas makes Bad Windsheim an interesting business location in the county.

Bad Windsheim on
Bad Windsheim

Stadt Bad Windsheim
Marktplatz 1
91438 Bad Windsheim

Contact person
1. Mayor
Jürgen Heckel
Tel. 09841 6689-10

Elke Drechsler
Real Estate Office
Tel. 09841 6689-43

Fax: 09841 6689-52


Industrial park
Gewerbepark „Ost“

Available building area
10.000 m²

State of development
fully developed

Special features
  • Access to district heating
  • All building sites belong to the city