Markt Bibart

Markt Bibart, a mobile market town

Markt Bibart, a residential community and a business center, is conveniently and centrally located in the southern Steigerwald. Right on federal road B 8 and only 15 km away from autobahns A 7 and A 3, with a regional express train running every hour on the Nuremberg – Würzburg railroad line, the town is an attractive starting point for commuters, businesses and industry.

The Steigerwald Commercial Park is in Markt Bibart.

Many skilled workers in the wood, metal and shoe industry have settled in the residential area here. The 1200 year old town is surrounded by over 1000 hectares of mixed forest and provides good access to biking and hiking trails.

35 clubs, a general practitioner, a dentist, a pharmacy, a shopping center, a nursery school with 3 groups, and an elementary school provide the inhabitants with a solid quality of life.
Four playgrounds, a skating rink, two gymnasiums, the new shooting clubhouse with its shooting range, and a new sports clubhouse offer a wide variety of activities for young people, athletes, and interested visitors.

Markt Bibart on
Markt Bibart

Markt Markt Bibart
Rathausgasse 2
91477 Markt Bibart

Contact person
1. Mayor
Klaus Nölp
Tel. 09162 8247
Fax 09162 8461


Available commercial area
147.000 m²

State of development
partly developed

Special features
  • Wood industry