Surprisingly more to offer – for industry, logistics, skilled tradesmen!

Toll-free to Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen and Würzburg/Schweinfurt
Developed lots in various sizes to choose from

The town Scheinfeld is exactly in the middle between the two business centers Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen and Würzburg/Schweinfurt. Adidas, the sports goods manufacturer, realized the town’s potential early on and long ago set up a factory here, which is now the only one left in the group. One of the group’s three European warehouses is also in Scheinfeld. No wonder: On the entire section of nearby federal road 8 there is almost no local traffic headed for the autobahn interchanges at Würzburg and Nürnberg Süd! Nonetheless, the section has been closed to trans-regional truck traffic; truck drivers from outside the region can no longer use the B 8 to avoid autobahn A 3. For you that means: your drivers can get to the Franconian business centers as well as autobahns A 3 and A 7, with immediate connections to A9, A6, A73 und A81 – without tolls and without traffic jams. By the way, fishing equipment specialist Gerlinger is another business that operates internationally from Scheinfeld’s commercial park.
Scheinfeld promotes itself with the slogan "surprisingly more to offer". Not only businesses find excellent location conditions. The ca. 4.500 inhabitants experience an infrastructure (government agencies, many education and recreation facilities, a wide range of health services, an increasing variety of cultural activities, etc.) that is usually only found in medium-sized centers.
The commercial sites have direct access to federal road B 8, but do not border on residential areas. Further prerequisites for a quality commercial park have already been met or can still be realized:
  • GI II: site occupancy ratio 0.8; level land
  • Support in realizing your project with assistance in dealing with government agencies to ensure that your plans can be approved in as short a time as possible.
Scheinfeld on
Stadt Scheinfeld
Hauptstr. 3
91443 Scheinfeld

Contact person
1. Mayor
Claus Seifert
Tel. 09162 9291100

Herr Rudolf Kolerus
Tel. 09162 9291141

Fax 09162 9291700


Commercial area

Available commercial area
48.000 m²
State of development
fully developed

Special features
Situated in Naturpark Steigerwald. Between Würzburg and Nuremberg, between Schweinfurt and Bamberg, between Ansbach and Rothenburg