The town of Sugenheim – the central small center in the county

Between the autobahns, commercial lots are available with many different layouts. They can be developed to suit your needs.

Sugenheim is the active small center in the Ehe valley. The necessary infrastructure, including an elementary school, is in place for the residents. A large number of reliable potential employees as well. Active clubs, fabulous natural surroundings, and great restaurants ensure a good quality of life. People here know each other, appreciate each other, and help each other!

Sugenheim on

Markt Sugenheim
Kirchstr. 17
91484 Sugenheim

Contact person
1. Mayor
Reinhold Klein
Tel. 09165 968896
Fax 09165 968898


Available commercial area
110.000 m²

State of development
street build
water line, sewer can quickly be ready