Uehlfeld – things are happening in the land of a thousand ponds. Life is good here.

Hospitable, tolerant, fun-loving and entertaining – that’s how visitors see Uehlfeld. The town on the Aisch has many charming aspects. The natural market town is situated centrally between a thousand ponds and the outskirts of the Naturpark Steigerwald in the broad Aisch valley. Some guests have found a new home here because of what the weather bureau has unequivocally confirmed: Around Uehlfeld high pressure areas form more often than in other regions, so there are lots of sunny days.

Uehlfeld’s surroundings

Uehlfeld, peaceful and progressive at the same time, is located in the heart of Franconia, between Würzburg and Nuremberg or between Rothenburg and Bamberg. The town Uehlfeld belongs to the administrative district of Middle Franconia (Ansbach) and to the county of Neustadt a. d. Aisch - Bad Windsheim, but has strong ties to Erlangen, well-known for its medical facilities and university. Uehlfeld is the seat of the administrative partnership of the same name with about 7400 inhabitants. It belongs to one of the areas that have the highest rate of resident influx in all of Middle Franconia. The town itself has more than 3000 citizens and is listed in the regional plan as a small center that should be preferentially developed. The Bavarian State Development Program speaks of a "rural subregion surrounded by large urban regions, whose development should be especially furthered".

Honorable prizes

Uehlfeld is a successful business location with innovative companies, a cultural stronghold in the Aisch valley with culinary delicacies, winner of the e-on Environment Award 2007, the state prize for sustainable land use in Bavaria, and an achievement award for “green in town and country”. Uehlfeld, a locale for lively celebrations, offers the flair of country life with an excellent infrastructure and a multitude of shops for all the necessities of daily life.

Market of inventors

What do modern plastics and their myriad products have to do with high-quality metal work and architectural constructions? Where is the connection between horseradish mixes, the finest sorts of beer, or new compositions of herbs, tea, or extracts? What do the three magicians have to do with the tall tales of Captain Blaubär or even with a researcher’s view of the future?

Successful enterprises

All of them are the result of a strong inventive spirit in Uehlfeld. The plastics specialists at Ernst Hombach, the TSO industrial plant, the H+L construction materials factory, Lechner Massivhaus, GH Hausbau, the Aisch valley horseradish maker Joseph Lutz, the oldest brewery in the valley, that of the Zwanzger family and Privatbrauerei Walter Prechtel, the tea and herb specialist Martin Bauer, and the Fernwasserversorgung Franken (water company), which supplies wide areas of Franconia with wonderful drinking water – they are all highly innovative Uehfeld enterprises. The game inventor Johann Rüttinger has enriched the community of Uehfeld again and again with high-quality children’s games from the “Drei Magier” (three magicians) game company, such as “Geistertreppe” (Spooky Stairs - children’s game of the year 2004) or “Nacht der Magier” (Magicians’ Night -German game prize 2006). The Captain Blaubär author and futurologist Dr. Bernd Flessner also contributes to Uehlfeld’s progressive image, along with other authors.

Low-priced commercial lots

The town of Uehlfeld offers companies and new entrepreneurs low-priced and fully developed building sites (ca. 30,000 m²) on state road B 470 in the Aisch valley industrial park. About 10,000 square meters of land for commercial use are also available in the Steigerwald industrial park near the H+L factory. Fully developed residential building lots can be bought for 72 euros per square meter. The price for commercial building lots is much lower and is subject to negotiation. The price must be calculated individually on the basis of the required size of the fully developed site. All companies that have set up business in Uehlfeld so far are very satisfied because the market town has no debt at all. This rare constellation benefits every company in the end.

Short distances

he market town Uehlfeld is situated in the European metropolitan region of Nuremberg and is in the middle of northern Bavaria. The county seat Neustadt a. d. Aisch is only 10 minutes away; on autobahn A 3 it is only twenty minutes to the "boomtown" of Herzogenaurach (Adidas, Puma, Schaeffler) or to Erlangen (Siemens); and in thirty minutes you can be at the unique salt lake in Bad Windsheim or at the airport in Nuremberg, the international airport of short distances. It has already been named “Best German Airport” several times. As a hub for Air Berlin, it allows passengers to fly directly and economically to a large number of cities and holiday destinations.

Innovative Environment

The central location and the reasonable prices for building lots, the fair wage level and the productivity of the people in the area are significant factors for companies and new entrepreneurs that see a lot of potential in Uehlfeld and decide to set up business here. About two million people live within 50 km of Uehlfeld and represent an enormous market volume. With its innovative environment, Uehlfeld will continue to consolidate its position as an interesting location for new entrepreneurs in the Aisch valley, as a high-tech region close to Erlangen, and as a market for service providers in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Global corporations such as adidas, DATEV, Playmobil, PUMA, Quelle, Schaeffler and Siemens have their headquarters nearby, and there are universities, academies, technical colleges, research facilities, and scientific institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institut in the area.

The mp3 story

The mp3 story began at the Fraunhofer Institut, the sensational development that connects music and music lovers and brings speakers closer to their listeners. The ability to store thousands of songs on a small mobile device has reawakened a love of music for millions of people. With the establishment of International AudioLabs Erlangen, Germany’s cutting edge research is practically on Uehlfeld’s doorstep. And with regard to high-quality audio and video technology, the Uehlfeld company PSP Audio- & Videotechnik, owned by Rudolf Benedikt, brooks no compromise. The company has taken on the task of developing complete solutions and extensions that are optimally coordinated in every way. Experience and the selection of high-quality products in the area of entertainment systems allow PSP AV to offer top-level individual solutions.

Uehlfeld’s own clever inventors

A lot of competent inventors live in Uehlfeld who have come up with interesting innovations for their companies. A little investigation turns up people who already have several patents or industrial property rights for their inventions. Pharmacological property rights, patents for chrome-free compounds to protect galvanized metal surfaces or special strut brackets, for optical displays to produce an optical signal, for parts of textile machines or for a certain kind of loam plaster, techniques for the operation of an electric field device, a device and technology for energy quality in power grids, a process to store data and entries in X-ray systems to produce diagnostic X-ray images, for several new developments in computer tomography equipment, special X-ray technology that provides cross-section images of various parts of the body.

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Uehlfeld – things are happening in the environs of Erlangen. Come and join in!

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  • Rural subregion surrounded by large urban regions, whose development should be especially furthered (Bavarian State Development Program)