The city of Uffenheim – a business location with a future

In Uffenheim there are three commercial parks, two of which are directly in Uffenheim; the third is the Langsteinach industrial park, right at autobahn exit Uffenheim-Langensteinach.

The infrastructure in Uffenheim is very good. Besides having a power station and water works of its own, Uffenheim also has access to natural gas. A fully biological waste water treatment plant with ample capacity conforms to the strict requirements of current waste water technology.
All the essentials are here, for example the hospital, grammar school, and secondary schools (Gymnasium, Fachoberschule, Realschule). In addition, there are lots of varied and specialized shops, highly motivated skilled tradesmen, important service providers, and low-priced residential building areas.

Uffenheim on

Stadt Uffenheim
Marktplatz 16
97215 Uffenheim

Contact person
1. Mayor
Wolfgang Lampe
Tel. 09842 207-20

City treasurer
Rolf Klingler
Tel. 09842 207-30

Fax 09842 207-32


Available commercial area
Industrie- und Gewerbepark Uffenheim
Autobahnexit Uffenheim Langensteinach
ca. 20 hectares

Gewerbegebiet Langensteinach
ca. 5 hectares

Gewerbegebiet Süd
ca. 4 hectares
Gewerbegebiet Nord
ca. 5 hectares

State of development
fully developed